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Linux-Related Articles

Technical Articles

  • Trixbox HOWTOs - Collection of articles on various aspects of the configuration of Trixbox, the open source PBX.
  • DHCP On Linux - Collection of articles about using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol in a Linux environment.
  • Accessing Microsoft Terminal Services from Linux - Introduction to rdesktop, a Linux client for Microsoft's Terminal Servers.
  • Cross-Platform Integration with X Windows (Published in LinuxWorld Magazine - 11 Aug 2003) - Article for the Premier issue of LinuxWorld Magazine on how to provide access to Linux applications from a Windows PC.

General Articles

  • Upgrading or Migrating? (at - 25 Aug 2003) - Short article comparing the cost of upgrading a few Windows NT 4.0 servers to Windows Server 2003 to the cost of migrating them to Linux.
  • Linux Lunch (Published in LinuxWorld Magazine - 2 Oct 2003) - Lunch-time conversation about Linux, debunking many of the myths there seem to be about Linux.


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